Vote for your least favorite character

So… OP, your comments make me think that you don’t like Buffy as a character and that you favor Cordelia over Willow and you thought more people would agree with you when you cast this poll and are surprised/ disappointed by the initial responses? To me personally, that just emphasizes the brilliance of the show, its characters, the writers, crew etc. I’ve been a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer since 1992. The television show premiered in 1997 when I was 15. The only thing I can say for certain about it’s characters is that I love and hate all of them depending on the storyline and wherever I am in my own life and mental/emotional space and or wherever/ whenever I am viewing the film, show, or reading about said characters (via the comics).

I think the beauty of each character, the writing, and their portrayals lies in the fact that they can make us feel good and/or bad about their actions and behaviors in certain moments. They also can make us proud of them and/or make us feel disappointed in them across canon. That I have returned to these characters for more than half of my life is how I know the entirety of The Buffyverse is something special. This is why I don’t care for these polls, because you can only choose a maximum of 6 options (so you’re already cherry-picking data) and ultimately the answer for me personally is always, “It depends.” Your feelings are as valid as mine are; I have no qualms. Do what makes sense to you.

Polls are supposed to be designed to either substantiate or refute assumptions. That is what data collection is all about. As more people respond to your poll, perhaps you’ll have a slightly more clear picture, well at least a more clear picture of how members of the r/buffy sub-Reddit who are online at the time of your poll feel about your limited subset of characters anyway. It’s still a really, really, really, really small sample size of how the BtVS fandom feels honestly. I wouldn’t use these data to write a paper, or even a BuzzFeed article.

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