Voting for Sanders in the Primary but voting 3rd Party in the General Election

It seems that was actually a response to another user.

Doesn't really make my point any less valid.

I was responding to an argument that directly calls on socialists to vote for Clinton. It's not "poisoning the argument" or trying to "associate it with Clinton" but it's a response to an call to vote for her in swing states.

By stating that it is something a Clinton campaigner would say. Which means nothing, an opinion isn't automatically wrong because a Clinton supporter holds it. You could have easily argued against the point itself without trying to infer that by favouring tactical voting in this situation you are a Clinton-supporting liberal. I didn't argue that you shared your opinions with Donald Trump, did I?

Many liberals aren't too fond of her either, but they still espouse this same lesser evil argument.

There it is again - instead of attacking the argument itself, you just say that liberals espouse said argument, as if that automatically makes the argument wrong.

It was genuine advice. I feel the poster is probably in the wrong group if they want to just support Democrats instead of run third party candidates. SAlt is prominent for having actually wont a seat by opposing Democrats, while the CPUSA supports the Democratic party.

They don't want to support Democrats though, they're talking about a very specific situation in which they think tactical voting would be acceptable. If I said I'd rather drink anti-freeze than bleach, it doesn't mean I support drinking anti-freeze.

Huh? I'm just suggesting that revolutionaries engage in revolutionary strategy and/or support revolutionary organizations rather than liberal bourgeois groups.

Not sure what that means in context of my quote. By ridiculous cult, I meant CPUSA. Besides, nobody here supports liberal bourgeois groups.

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