VR App idea and programmer needed

Thanks for replying. I actually did just reach out to someone but I really do not see or yet know the point in bringing more companies into it, because then earnings etc will go down big time.

I am not just confident I can bring star power, I flat out know I can and I have not come to this forum to blow my own trumpet, but some of my closest friends have huge public profiles and when you have friends who have worked in film since being teenagers, you can be certain that ALL of their friends are relationships they have forged over the years of working on films together etc.

It's not like i will be writing them proposals or anything, I will just be saying lets do this and as a group of friends we will try something cool. it also helps them with their brand, which is their business of being themselves etc.

I do not want to drop names here, because it is not the place and not the point, but I have to admit, my friends names are not on the level of Paul Mccartney etc, but one of them might be in one of the top five rock bands of all times, others have been nominated for Oscars etc.

These people will also not be interested in having other companies teaming up on it, because they would be doing it as a adventure and favor to me. It's what mates do.

So yeah im picturing the ones like cold play and Paul that are already out there as doing the same stuff, but i think the right time to do it is while there is not much content available. If we formed this business and started dropping things while there is not much content, then it will develop the company and branding of this app and will pay off down the track and the company should be able to evolve with VR.

Can you imagine playing a song, like a music video clipo, but you are cruising along listening to this bands song while siting in a mustang with three people in the car besides yourself, cruising through a city and your actually hanging out with the band in the mustang? Lazy sunday type of app. I think that would be a new way to listen to new music. hanging out with the band listening to their new song drop on the car stereo, or other scenes for other songs etc.

I'd like to find someone who knows how to make apps and publish them. I've spent my life working as a cinematographer for Films that have skydiving in them, so i got that end down fine. jusat putting it together and in a package is what i need to work out how to do.

No interest bringing other companies into the mix, because they had to start somewhere as well. Giving them my creativ work for them to put together at huge prices or taking big cuts in the future is not a way to develop your own company. just my opinion though.

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