VW plans to sell electric Tesla rival for less than $23,000: source

No, you once again failed to understand what was written for you. Please don't have a conversation in bad faith.

The Protect the House JFC specifically donates to a number of PACs that list these Republicans as their beneficiaries. If you didn't realize, the namesake comes from protecting the seats of house of representatives and retaining a Republican majority in this past election:

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Recipient Party Type Office Sought Total
National Republican Congressional Cmte Republican P $6,792,329
Great America Cmte Republican L $909,512
McCarthy, Kevin* Republican C CA 23rd $582,784
Mast, Brian* Republican C FL 18th $321,637
Katko, John* Republican C NY 24th $292,861
Faso, John* Republican C NY 19th $274,147
Paulsen, Erik* Republican C MN 3rd $270,190
Barr, Andy* Republican C KY 6th $265,809
Tenney, Claudia* Republican C NY 22nd $262,126
Blum, Rod* Republican C IA 1st $260,140
Young, David* Republican C IA 3rd $252,335
Poliquin, Bruce* Republican C ME 2nd $251,536
Majority Cmte PAC Republican L $247,952
Smucker, Lloyd* Republican C PA 11st $235,295
Bost, Mike* Republican C IL 12nd $229,179
Denham, Jeff* Republican C CA 10th $223,597
Bacon, Donald John* Republican C NE 2nd $216,273
Culberson, John* Republican C TX 7th $208,148
Knight, Steve* Republican C CA 25th $198,614
Taylor, Scott W* Republican C VA 2nd $182,836
Lewis, Jason* Republican C MN 2nd $177,693
Bishop, Mike* Republican C MI 8th $170,025
Rothfus, Keith J* Republican C PA 17th $165,925
Fitzpatrick, Brian* Republican C PA 1st $161,263
Valadao, David* Republican C CA 21st $153,697
New York Republican Federal Campaign Cmte Republican P $143,697
Republican Party of Minnesota Republican P $135,506
Hurd, Will* Republican C TX 23rd $118,396
Republican Party of Virginia Republican P $110,982
Republican Party of Kansas Republican P $110,932
Texas Republican Congressional Cmte Republican P $105,141
Curbelo, Carlos* Republican C FL 26th $104,979
Republican Party of Florida Republican P $102,740
New Jersey Republican State Cmte Republican P $94,549
Republican Party of Illinois Republican P $94,549
Republican Party of Iowa Republican P $94,549
Coffman, Mike* Republican C CO 6th $85,702
Republican Party of Arizona Republican P $82,251
Republican Party of Michigan Republican P $62,903
Costello, Ryan* Republican C PA 6th $34,804
Republican Central Cmte of Nevada Republican P $34,247
Comstock, Barbara* Republican C VA 10th $26,897
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