WA Indigenous leaders file $290 billion legal claim that could become one of world's biggest payouts

I agree with your first paragraph. There is no question Aboriginals are victims of prejudice in day to day life and are a community that have experienced even greater prejudice in the past, sometimes to the most extreme degree.

Yet I disagree that they deserve more help of the kind that has been offered. I think most of these programs should be stopped, a cargo cult mentality has developed here. Like this current lawsuit. This whole approach is wrong, crime continues to rise and outcomes worsen.

I disagree with any ethnic based approach. The idea of special DNA or blood needs to die out. I share ancestors with Aboriginals, all humans do. Yet help Aboriginals largely by supporting them to continue being a discriminated group with their minds focused on the past helped by absurd daydreams of a pleasant stone age existence that was in reality probably not that great. No one can improve themselves or help their community if their focus is on the past instead of the future.

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