Wackyjacky101- 10 Game Mechanics in PUBG - THAT MUST BE CHANGED!

It's frustrating in the instances when you've lined up a headshot and your finger is pressing down M1 only for a shot to hit you just the fraction of a second before your shot. Which happens often enough in my experience. I'm not entirely against aim punch but I think your aim should return to where it was before the hit. So it knocks your aim off only temporarily before returning to where it was originally.

I wouldn't argue it's good for realism when you can take multiple shots to the chest, be 1 hp from death and still sprint like Usain Bolt. Either be realistic or be fun. Don't pick some un-fun mechanics and hide behind 'realism'. PUBG has an inconsistent design philosophy in my opinion. So much could be done to polish it up it's crazy.

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