Wait a minute

French Onion soup saved my life many years back.

I was in Las Vegas, one night I blacked out drunk on extreme amounts of vodka and certain drugs that should not be mixed with alcohol.

I somehow arrived in my hotel room which I was sharing with 2 homies, they found me sleeping next to the toilet, perfectly clean, but obviously having attempted to puke my heart out.

Then, I awoke with popped(?) blood vessels in my eye. Immense amounts of pain. I could not open my eye without stabbing pain, and the dull pain with the closed eye forced me to open it constantly.

This was my final day in Vegas that weekend, and instead of going out with my friends I ordered a $50 French Onion soup to my room, which I ate in the shower over an 8 hour period of soaking and crying the blood out of eye.

This was my savior, the soup was the glue that kept my soul together.

To me without that soup, I would not be here today. Or maybe my eye would have fallen out of my head, at least it felt that way.

God bless French Onion Soup. It saved my life. To me that is the greatest cure for anything and everything.

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