Wait, what? My reaaally low T levels are proof I have PCOS?

honestly idk if i sound dumb, but i have the virilization part of PCOS. my high androgens and testosterone levels as a 13 year old fucked up my puberty- who knows how long i have had those high levels anyways? I was always tall and built muscular rather than feminine. my first facial hair grew at 12 too, and i was put on blood thinners (folic acid) to reduce my high blood pressure and immediately got my period after that. i guess with all of my insulin and high T levels, i got diagnosed. i have no breasts as a 17 year old and maintained to keep the same body shape as i did when i was first hitting puberty.

now i see so many other women with PCOS with bigger breasts and make me question myself that how do they even have PCOS if it is focused around high androgens. i assume that women with bigger breasts probably have excess estrogen which then messes with hormones and could make them start producing more androgens. basically like how birth control typically make women more infertile i guess?

i may be wrong tho. always wondered how women have bigger breasts when i don’t. my hormones affected mine, while other women have big breasts.

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