Waiters of Reddit, what's the most ridiculous order someone's placed and how did you deal with it?

Got another one. I worked in a comfort food restaurant for years, we had special banquet menus with preset pricing and menu options for large groups. I had waited on a couple who loved me, and I managed to book them for a party of 22 next day. My boss okayed me coming in on my day off yesterday this one table. On my dinner break I spent time going over the preset menus they can choose from and explained that each guest get a complementary nonalcoholic beverage and one dessert.

They arrived a half hour late which is really annoying and proceed to trickle in in ones and twos. They proceed to order a large amount of beer and wine, also several appetizers. When it comes time for dinner most guests are trying to order off of the limited menu, which was pot roast, chicken broccoli fettuccine, & grilled salmon. I speak to the couple that arranged the party about this and they say they'll pay the difference. Now I've already gone my manager because shit was getting out of hand from the start and they been more cost-conscious the day before when I waited on just this couple, but their party in their rooms for me to come in and take care of them. Once dessert rolls around several people are ordering more than the one dessert choice they get. The bill was pretty astronomical it should've been about $15 a person but that it doubled. Magically when the check is dropped they want to see the manager and start hollering about how expensive everything was. They insult my service, say the food was terrible, and say they're not paying. What they didn't seem to realize it was the manager of been by their table I half-dozen times, as had the assistant. They finally admitted it was just too expensive and didn't feel like paying my 18% auto gratuity. Thank God my boss had balls and loudly shame these people for having me come in on my day off and expecting me to make $25. So I guess the weirdest part of this order was not expecting a ton of free food for me to simply work for free.

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