Waiters and waitresses of Reddit, what is the most horrible experience you have had with a customer?

I'm a little late to the party but hey, timezones.. This was a bad experience, but not really for me as much as for one of the customers..

I used to be a manager at a big event hall, we had all sorts of events through out the year, from gala's to office parties and even training sessions. In the summer time though, we are immensely popular for weddings. This could go from very ordinary weddings to the fanciest Pintrest weddings.

Under normal circumstances i met with the couple a few times to get to know them and make sure we have everything just the way they imagined their wedding, at this stage you get the also see what kind of people they are. this time they always met with the boss so i don't really know them that well. But both came from a good background, you know money, education,..

It's their big day and they arrive a little early, its a boiling hot day and thats not fun when wearing a heavy dress and a full costume, i order my people to start giving the early arrivals some drinks as i take drinks to the suite (wedding party) & show them arround. The guy allready pounds down his champagne and takes a second one even before the bride can take hers. I take the couple inside to do a last check-up of the dining area. We chat, its a very busy day for someone when they get married, part of my job is listening to the couple and make them feel like we are here to take all stress away. But whenever the bride started to talk her new husband started asking me for beers. I do what he asks and mention that i will put a couple of bottles of water in ice behind them as they are greeting their guests, this guy starts to smile and tells me he rather have a couple of cold ones there as well instead of my water. I smile ignore the request and we keep going.

Though-out dinner and before the big dance this dude is drinking like hell this got worse when his buddies arrived. Later in the evening, he had to do his first dance with his new this guy was pretty drunk, but he seemed to know what he was doing. But after his dance he goes into a balls to wall state. this guy doesn't stop drinking, he and his buddies are going at it like madmen. Drinking dancing an yelling like a bunch of teenagers at their first party. All the while you see the bride getting more and more embarrassed, she tried to gently tell him that he should calm down severall times and if he would like to join her as she went to the tables to talk their guests. He replied with a simple "Nope!" "Its my party i can do what i want"

sometime later its about 05:00 in the morning (this is not the exceptional, weddings can go on pretty long here.) his friends the groom and the DJ who is, suprise suprise also a friend are the only ones on the dancefloor. The bride is sitting kind of stewing at their table surrounded by her parents and some friends. I should note she was already asking for about an hour to stop.

As i said i'm the go to guy for the bride and groom from beginning to start, so you build a sort of bond with these people you make sure they have anything they need. So she came up to me at one point to help her and i walk up with her to the booth. I ask a bit stern but still very friendly if maybe we could stop the party, givin his new wife was very tired, and everyone except them had left. He looks me up and down with a smug face and yells "i'm paying for all in and i will get all in, so no, we stop when i want to!" Then just looks at her wife who has tears in her eyes by this point and just turns arround. This girl was devestated started crying and left the hall. I go after her a to see how she is doing. She kept herself quite strong thanked me for all the help throughout the day got her parents and left without her husband.

I don't know what happend to them, but i got to pull the main power plug on the smug bastard & shut down his party..

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