Waiters and waitresses of reddit, what's the rudest thing a customer has done to you?

Not a waiter, but self employed retail..

I was almost finished scanning a customers product when a woman comes in. She gets in line behind him and the walks off about 10 seconds later. She walks around the shop, ending up in front of the TV. I finish with my customer and she walks up and just starts screaming at me. "I am SO tired of walking into a store and having to wait. I don't see that happening to men or younger women!".

I was completely caught off guard. I explained that I was in the literal middle of a transaction when she walked in. She insisted I wasn't. I offered to show her the security tape, she said she didn't need to see it because she "had eyes".

She yelled a little more about how mean the world is to "older women" and told me she wouldn't be back (thank God) before storming out.

Fun times.

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