Waiters, what's the saddest "I'm waiting for someone" you have experienced?

not a waiter but definitely a waiting for someone

i worked as an after school art instructor in a nearby district (i guess i m the outsource they hired u could say) and every semester we will have old faces thats been with us and some new ones.

i work with about 10-14 elementary students and i usually make it a point to walk out with my students and greet their parents as they pick their kids up and check to see if need anything for them to bring or just wanna see what cartoons they made on my tablet if we are doing simple animation

this semester i was at a new school and as usual i made it a habit to know the kids, what they like, what they like to draw, what are their favorite shows and making mental note who their parents are

usually i m done in 30 minutes top and still have time to clean up no matter the location but unfortunately one of the kids remain. he likes pokemon so we chatted about pokemon and we talk about pokemon go since his family and him played and i let him play on my account a bit at school while chatting with him.

another 10 minute went by, then 20, then 30, and finally 45 minutes after the usual 30 minutes so i had to call my boss and had the school call the parents as protocol

the parent arrived on a bike.

turns out his family doesnt have a car and lives with one of their in laws in a house and his parents have multiple jobs which i learn from the kid

the mom apologize profusely, she told me about her kid wanting to draw and loving art so she and her husband signed her son up for the class.

normally i get pay overtime if i have to stay later than i was assigned and thats paid for by the family that made the offense

i decide to call my boss and let her know to not charge me for overtime that day. i told her what the kid told me and my boss ask if i m sure, and i told her i was never more sure of something in my life.

i still make it a point to learn about my students lives. unfortunately my students found out i m terrible with names while still remembering what they love the most and my cool teacher status kinda flew out the window.

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