Wake up America.

It's funny because the real propaganda is this post. Socialist propaganda is invading America. Socialism does not work and is not good. Socialism destroys the individual, it destroys innovation, it destroys incentive. STOP GIVING GOVERNMENT MORE POWER. Socialism doesn't happen over night, it's a gradual progression that starts with things like "Free healthcare." After free healthcare it will be "free food." Everyone deserves the right to food, right? So sad that the general public never reads history, they don't care, they just buy what media and public schools(who are ran by government) tell them. Government is filled with psychopaths who want to control your lives. Republicans and Democrat politicians are all psychopaths, those are the types that go for those jobs. They don't care about you. ONLY YOU CAN CARE ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY. Stop giving government power. It doesn't work, it's never worked. You are all being fed propaganda. You are all fools! You don't read history and you're doomed to repeat it. SHEEP. ALL OF YOU.

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