You wake up with a screaming baby laying next to you in bed. It's not your baby. What do you do?

This actually happened to my cousin's wife. My husband and I got deathly sick while I was in my last trimester of my second pregnancy. I went into preterm labor, probably from the dehydration. He was in no shape to watch our 19 month old. He was actually sicker than I was. Anyway, I took the baby to the hospital with me, so I could get a shot to stop the contractions, but the nurses were like, look, we can't watch your baby and you're in no shape to watch him yourself. So I called my cousin to come pick him up. My cousin is a pastor, so his wife is used to him being called in the middle of the night if a parishioner is having an emergency. He is really great that way. He's a wonderful man. Anyway, he took my son home with him, plopped him in the bed with his wife and went to sleep in the chair in their bedroom. My son started to fuss, which woke up his wife, and she said, "Whose baby is this?" He said, "My cousin's." She said, "Oh." and rolled over and went back to sleep.

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