Walmart Is Accused of Punishing Workers for Sick Days

Worked at Walmart for a few months before I found something better. My father got sick during that time, had to be hospitalized, turned out to be cancer, not fun times.

Worked overnights and had to leave early because my father was going in for surgery and I wanted to be there. Walmart (my managers) had no issue with this, were totally understanding, and all that. Came in the following night and got a call that my dad wasn't doing well, was being taken to ICU, and that I needed to get there because it wasn't looking good.

Went straight to my same bosses, told them I had to go because my father was taking a turn for the worst, and they're response was "He's still sick?"

Ate up what little sick time I had quickly and then had to fight with managers to get time off or get time credited back because of this stuff. Felt like I was constantly on the verge of getting fired because my father got sick and couldn't handle things like cancer and kidney failure on his own.

The mentality inside Walmart at higher levels of management and HR are cult like. During training the HR lady kept talking about how grateful she was that Mr. Sam built this company and did so much during his time. Talked about him like he was some kind of hero or savior.

Anything that takes more money out of the Walton's pockets I'm all for. Hope they get the snot sued out of them over this.

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