why wanting a gf is ok for everyone else but if i want then it is not

I know what you mean,when I share about my frustrations with friends who had ton of sex they say stuff like " virginity is priceless, I wish I haven't lost mine",meanwhile they go out to have sex.And they say other things like "it's not worth it,work on yourself first, don't expect anything just go with the flow,don't expect sex,just try to be friends with people first(when I'm already friends with them but whatever), Do this do that,get a job first,car,read tons of books have multiple hobbies,and even then don't expect sex,no one owes you sex(yes i know that,and i agree no one owes me sex but i need it,how is it so hard to understand)",bruh,what do you all expect from me, to turn 60 after years of bettering of myself to become "Mr know-it-all and does-it-all",while yelling have sex in your 20s?Seriously?

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