Wanting illegal immigrants to be punished for breaking the law isn't wrong.

People like you don’t understand that asylum seeking isn’t like getting a menu and choosing what you want. Asylum is the nearest safe country to take refuge from persecution or death. People are coming from across the world to to “seek asylum” and at that point it isn’t “seeking asylum” it is literally immigrating to a country of your choice.

I saw in another thread that someone explained perfectly why your “misdemeanor” argument doesn’t make any sense. Most people don’t want them to go to jail, just get tossed out of the country but the vast majority (70+% skip court dates) and then democrats want to pardon all of them.

What people like you don’t realize is that the people illegal immigrants hurt the most are legal immigrants. Until open borders is a thing (which I sure hope it never is) we shouldn’t be giving illegal aliens pardons for illegally entering the country. I definitely think we should increase immigration quotas and make it easier to enter the country but open borders will definitely be chaotic and if a democrat has socialized health care and open borders our country will crash and burn.

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