Wants for free a specific model DSLR with everything and low usage.

This pissed me off so badly. I have had a brain tumor for close to 10 years,I got it from birth control. It has paralyzed me for a year, I was completely blind for a year, I still can't see that well. I had to relearn how to write,read,use a fork and knife,relearn everything. I have had numerous surgeries to take care of it. I am in pain every day but I don't go around saying "oh poor me! I deserve everything for free because I have a disability " fuck no. A "disability"is only a disability if you let it be one. I refuse to be a victim. I fight 10x harder than the average person just to be here but so what? That doesn't give me the right to demand things or think I deserve things nor does it give me the right to be a asshole. You are only entitled to what you work for. No matter what someone will always have it harder than you so stop complaining and instead of taking give.

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