She wants a husband but has never been on a date before? HA

Eh I honestly don't think it's women having "very high standards" and men "seeing women more reasonably", no offence but that's kind of a "nice guys" view way of wording it, like women aren't allowed to have standards and men are reasonable for being willing to date basically anyone.

I think it's women having some standards built from dating experience and nice guys too inexperienced to build up standards themselves throwing themselves at any women in those sites that aren't super fat or ugly... And even then... But

A lot guys who messaged me on dating sites were not attractive to me and honestly weird, got sexual too fast(first message ffs) or other huge turn offs or red flags, or had zero in common and would not work together at all yet here they are messaging me why?
And waaaaaaay too many that were clearly just a copy paste message they made to send out. Few guys messaged me the same thing a couple times clearly forgetting we had already talked and I turned them down. Copy paste message makes ya feel real special.

I found a lot of guys just looking for someone anyone and not caring about who I actually am. dudes with pussy on a pedestal. There's women like this too of course, think they can shape a man into what they want so grab anyone. It's not healthy for anyone. Even if these people gain experienced they don't process it properly because they're always the victim

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