[WAR] Advanced: Is there any way a base could be built to counter Surgical hogs?

The definition of callous absolutely fits to your tone, and was worthless to bicker about since we fundamentally disagree on far too many points. "Insensitive disregard" fits for your original dismissal of "that main post" being "way off" in my book however.

The point was whether or not you claimed I insulted the guy. I said that you stated I did, and you said "no I didn't, I only said you were callous." I have since shown you that's exactly the same thing, and now you have also confirmed that yourself – so what are you still trying to prove? You were wrong, and then you argued semantics, and it didn't work :/

This has to be your most shining example of misunderstanding. You claimed, "if I hadn't actually already done that by the time you started your response!" implying that you had indeed already responded educationally to someone else before I wrote my original questions, and I pointed out the time stamps which clearly show my question (and your dismissive response to me) both happened before you ever clarified anything for anyone else (specifically edpgolfer)

I literally said everything else you wrote, which implies I'm asking about everything that follows that time stamp. You've obviously misread or misunderstood, so there, try again. I'm just amused that you apparently only set out to get me to reply to the guy, but then apparently still went on with me anyway – it's contrary to what you said you were here to do, and all I'm asking you therefore is why you still did it.

Fwiw – your post had no impact on my intent to respond to reddit raiders guy. If anything, needing to waste time on you prevented me from responding to other posters.

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