War and bitcoin

well not enlightened, but yes, there is beauty in many things, some of the most pretty things are in maths and algorithms, you know I make electronic music, for over a decade, very high level stuff, I get to deal with lots of algorithms, and you can hear them in this case, some really make sense, there are certain ways sequencers are coded and implemented, they can be sheer beautiful too.

ask any coder out there, you can code in an elegant way, mostly elegant code is super efficient. some of the prettiest code runs on dedicated DSPs in audio processing, needless to say, the sounds a very good dsp reverb algorithm produces can evoke tears of joy the first time you hear it.

uhm, sorry for spamming along, I just think many things, even super abstract ones can be a work of art and/or just beautiful.

the way Bitcoin is layed out and in effect resonates with practical use, for example the idea that the more participate in mining, the safer the network gets from attacks is just genius, also the public ledger which on one side is public, d'ah, but on the other side relies on these seemlingly random Bitcoin addresses, is a super elegant and intelligent way to combine the idea of openness (Public ledger) and the idea of anonymity, Bitcoin addresses, created out of random numbers...

anyways, the more I learn about Bitcoin the more elegance and beauty I seem to encounter, but then, I don't dive deep into the code, maybe there are some design flaws...

but then, look, that principle that every participant shares the full ledger, the whole ever increasing bookkeeping chain with every other participant is just a genius lay simple idea, it is bold, and requires lots of vision and courage to really settle for it, but whoever invented this, was really frigging smart, wise, whatever...it was a gamble I guess, the network's growth might have outpaced the growth in storage space, but that did not happen, how big is the block chain right now anyways?

sure there are things to come and to solve, but the basic principle is still stunningly pretty ;)

I kind of believe in it, and will continue to promote it...oh and if you guys find any flaws in my rationalizing, just tell me, yo want to improve my ideas, and I am not really involved in the state of Bitcoin on a deeper level, also I am no coder or developer...so my perspective on Bitcoin originates more from an artists' view.

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