As War on Drugs Again Declared Failure, Trump's UN Event Dismissed as 'Splashy' Backward-Thinking Photo Op: "President Trump is the last person who should be defining the global debate on drug policy," says one expert. "Trump has shown complete disdain for human rights and international law."

Jesus Christ. I swear, half the people on default subreddits are edgy teenagers that have no real-world experience and just like to rebel against authority.


...If you knew what heroin addiction does to people you'd never question that.

Perhaps you should try making fewer assumptions. I'm in my late 30's and a former heroin addict, so I have a decent idea what this issue really looks like, and I'm one of the biggest legalization advocates you'll find.

Do a little bit of reading, and be apply some logic to what you've read, and you may learn that 1- prohibition actually does more harm to society than good, and 2- there can be many benefits to legalization.

This is not some 3edgy5me position being put forth by teenagers. Many of us are educated and experienced adults, who have come to the logical conclusion that the drug war needs to end.

Have you seen what the war on drugs does to people? The "war" itself she's plenty of direct damage, but that's also a rhetorical question-- some of the harms you think are 100% because of drugs are actually caused or made worse by prohibition. For example, drug-related crime.

So as an ex smack user, I say to you-- if you knew even half of what I know about drugs, and this farce of a "war" on sick people, you'd actually agree with me

And assumptions really are the devil. Just saying...

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