[War]Penta LaLoon on a maxed th10!

First of all there is no such thing as a ''our streamer'' Drock happens to be a guy (our member) who streams and was in clan at RT war. 2ndly that's just a rumor and he didn't say that at all

Don't even bother responding to me if you're going to lie. Drock absolutely said it. And when he did, the twitch chat instantly got filled with comments about mod. If you had really watched the stream, you would know this

also Rej pointed out there wasn't any fishy attacks or anything what so ever

With respect to Rej, he doesn't know much about modded attacks. Rej personally banned himself from attacking because he admits to not being as good of an attacker as the rest of the guys, which is why for the last 4 months, he was at 900 trophies so as not to be included in war. Or do you want to dispute that too?

and that same guy had his base 3 starred (forgot to change IT's to multi and xbows to ground)

lol dude how does it affect whether or not someone mods if their own base gets 3 starred.

and had a 1 star and a 2 star attacks..

This still does nothing to refute his remark about gemming troops in order to "scout." Don't give me any bullshit about him needing to hurry, because this was 4 hours into the war, and he had finished both attacks with plenty of time left to spare

If you want a serious debate on it, please do provide some evidence.

I did; you just lied about it being false. He did say it, as anyone with a working memory will tell you

As of aluchi, things were taken out of context because of his poor English. Please provide further evidence that he ''mods'' and I would happily ban him out of the clan.

So you want to tell me this series of comments by Aluchi is just "bad English?" rofl, you are so dense. What that shows leaves 0 room for misinterpretation. Aluchi is a modder and it's why he was kicked from clashheads, if you disagree, obviously you dont talk to your leadership. My point about him is that he was in your clan for who knows how long before you realized it!

And finally you can just move aside and stop trying to tarnish my content, and my reputation

I'm not trying to ruin shit, dude. I'm submitting valid comments about your clan. If I didnt quote Drock, or didn't share the screenshot of Aluchi, you would be right. But you're not.

Since I'm trying to provide some useful information and videos from a high level game play.

You are free to do this, and I am free to reveal that you guys mod

I will investigate thoroughly anything you point out, but please provide some evidence instead of spreading false rumors. Oh, and do it from a real account.

"And do it from a real account," okay, internet tough guy. This is my real account. Just because you dont recognize my name doesnt mean I don't know about you. I just know bullshit when I see it.

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