War in Ukraine Megathread XXXIII - 100 days

For the air defense units, WP doesn't seem to have a list of everything in inventory. It does talk about actively-used equipment.


  • 71st Anti-air Artillery Regiment in Madrid with Mistral surface-to-air missiles and 35/90 Guns (looking elsewhere, I believe that this is the

  • 73rd Anti-air Artillery Regiment in Cartagena with Skyguard-Aspide surface-to-air missile systems and NASAMS surface-to-air missile systems, also in Valencia with MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile systems

  • 74th Anti-air Artillery Regiment in Sevilla with HAWK PIP III surface-to-air missile systems

  • Signal Battalion in Madrid

  • The 94th Anti-air Artillery Regiment, which fields NASAMS surface-to-air missile systems falls under operational control of the Canarias General Command.

The 72nd Anti-Air Artillery Regiment was disbanded in December 2015.

Based on this:


The 72nd used 35/90 Oerlikon guns (maybe other stuff as well, but that was in the mix).

Maybe other stuff in storage, dunno, but they at least have these systems.

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