Warcraft is changing to a full sci-fi theme, and it’s really diminishing my interest in the lore

People are pointing out that WoW has always had sci-fi elements and they're 100% correct, but I think the thing that trips me up here (I can't speak for OP) is the balance those elements are in with more traditional fantasy stuff. I remember not being too jazzed about Titan stuff but still at least thinking it was kind of neat because it seemed to be used sparingly enough that it actually enhanced the idea of there being something deeper at play under this wild world full of ghosts and orcs and sorcerers. The combination of the new big players being A) just more fucking robots and B) another iteration of "Oh actually this faction you've never heard of or interacted before are the real powers behind the scenes!" makes it hard for me to give a shit about them. I don't think WoW is suddenly turning into a sci-fi game or anything, I think it's just that the use of those sci fi elements is out of balance enough to feel tedious to some.

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