Warmode Sucks...

Literally what is the point of having War Mode? Lower level players don't have it turned on and half the 110s do, making current content split literally between two phases, if you have no idea what I am talking about, then go to a legion invasion portal (manually find a group because Blizz nerfed the Addons that auto find groups) and then watch as half the group is phased due to them either being in Warmode or not.

I mean yes picking a server is all and good for PvP, RP, PvE but this War Mode seems like a half baked idea and tbh I am not gonna buy into it... it will be disabled. I chose a PvE server and now I have to watch the debacle that is Warmode spill into Orgrimmar, and surrounding areas.

Is this really what paying subscribers are paying for? This entire new xpac seems so focused on PvP, what about the raiders, the M+ players, the World Quest players? Does this not fit into Blizzard's "vision" anymore?

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