I warned you about this situation eight months ago. But no one listened.

Thing is I get that. And I would have been willing to accept it but not read it if I knew it was going to be like this. But we have been lead to believe that this would be a more deeper analysis into hero society as a whole.

It's especially frustrating since I've interviewed and talked to a lot of police officers in my local area in the past six months.

I'm a volunteer observer of the police who observes what they do on nights that I'm free.

One of the older cops who's been doing this told me it's a fucked job but if no one else does it society is fucked. Guy was a bit racist and sexist being in his mid to late fifties but he's been on the police force for 35 years now. So he's gonna retire with the job.

Having talked to him for a long time and multiple times I asked if he had actually killed anyone in the line of duty. Guy looked at me and said that he hadn't but a few of the older ones had.

Said a lot of people do spend their entire careers without killing anyone. But sometimes it has to be done.

One day, just one time. But that's the "one day" you are going to have to decide if this job is right for you or not. If you can't do it then you shouldn't be here.

That's why I hate this manga. Izuku isn't a hero. He's a coward here.

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