Warning: Don’t Download Software From SourceForge If You Can Help It

You still haven't posted a citation as to how ads themselves make people vulnerable.

Are you deliberately being stupid? It doesn't need a citation, it's clear from first principles.

Consider: there is a zero-day Flash exploit to which I am vulnerable. I can only be exploited if I run a malformed Flash program. That means that any time I display content from any source, it could be a Flash program that exploits the vulnerability.

Ergo, if I display any content from your network, I am increasing my risk of being exploited. Either you could be a bad actor yourself (entirely possible, considering your line of work and your aggressive, perhaps deliberate lack of understanding), or someone else could have exploited your network and be using you to spread malformed Flash files.

In other words: every time I display content from your network, every single time, I am running the risk of A) having a vulnerability that I haven't patched, B) that you're a bad actor, or that C) you have been victimized by a bad actor.

This happens pretty frequently. How the fuck do you think all that malware gets out there, anyway?

The people who download malware should educate themselves.

People who display ads get malware without making the choice to do so, you chucklehead. Of course, you refuse to understand this because, as before, your livelihood depends on you not understanding it. You are victimizing people for profit, exposing them to risk they don't need to be running.

What happened to that?

I don't like reddit enough to subscribe. I've gilded in the past, but I don't find it worth spending money every month. If it went away, I wouldn't miss it that much... and, in fact, I'm thinking quite seriously about terminating this account.

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