Warnings of 'Suspension of Democracy' in New York as State Officials Weigh Removing Sanders From Primary Ballot

Privilege: No. You don't understand the suffering of millions of people in this country. You don't seem to remember just how bad the status quo is. The hundreds of thousands of people that die every year from lack of healthcare and economic ruin are not privileged.

No, I never said I want Democrats to win -- I want corporate Democrats to lose, and if you want any given party to win, you can not primary them. Obviously I would support a progressive populist Democrat, but even if one landed the nomination in 2024 primary, the act of the primary would make them lose. 2024 isn't an option if Biden wins.

I hate the idea of voting for Trump but I am desperate for change and don't know what else to do. I do not believe a single word Biden says because the last Biden administration was disgusting in how much it supported and empowered ICE.

I don't stand for everything Sanders stands for. He was like 7/10 for me. Trump is like a 2.5/10, Biden is like a 2/10. At least Trump makes the privileged suburbanites into activists.

I won't respond again. Last time we spoke, you again intentionally misinterpreted the things I said to promote your chosen narrative. You have all you need to understand me from our previous post history.

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