Warrants for Cup Series Director Jay Fabian allege willful neglect of his dogs. Allegations: One dog died after deprived “of all necessary sustenance in which to live," another dog suffered “extreme dehydration & starvation,” another dog deprived of "necessary sustenance."

A bit more info and via KTT

Incident was called in via 911 and recorded on 7/21. One would assume he didn't answer those charges, hence the warrant.

“did, intentionally and with malice, deprive his dog, Jasper, of all necessary sustenance in which to live, causing the animal to suffer unjustifiable pain, suffering, and death in a torturous and cruel manner.”

"Did cause torment and unnecessary suffering (extreme dehydration and starvation almost to the point of death) of his dog, Aubrey, by the malicious and cruel omission of care and neglect.”

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