Warren Buffett gives away another $4.1 billion, resigns as trustee at Gates Foundation

OK. This shit. This shit right here. This is what needs to be paid attention to. Because it should be making 99% of the rational minded world absolutely fucking furious.

The world is being actively ruined, exploited naturally and socially, pushed to the brink of ruin and ever-increasing inequality not to "make profit". No, not to make profit at all. Not even to make progress. Not to provide value or fill a critical role in the economy or really to provide goods and services any more. No. That's just a side effect of the main business, to KEEP PROFIT HIGHER THAN EVER BEFORE.

Can you imagine how much longer we might have had for our glittering diamond of a civilization, enjoying the huge benefits of a healthy world if the greed of the owners and CEO's and executives and the people who actually make those decisions had been reigned in or even had any other single consideration than making more of an actually useless "resource" in money that humanity invented? We're destroying our world for a thing that can't actually be quantified in value, because that's also a human concept that doesn't have any objective measure.

It's just not enough to be making a profit, to be doing well and to be growing, boards of directors with no consideration of the real world impact their operations have, order measures into effect to try and ensure that the company is always making more money than it ever has done in history. All the time. Relentlessly.

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