Warren really is the only character who manages to fluctuate between being both emo and goth.

There’s is nothing you could say to angels father to convince him angel was a mutant. You would explain mutants to him and he would go “but Magic!” You would say he his a different species send he would say “but miracles!” You would tell him his grand children could have horrible mutations and he would say “my son looks fine, why wouldn’t his kids?” He gains nothing by believing his son is a mutant and there is no way to prove he is a mutant and not one of the million other superpowered things in marvel unless he chooses to investigate how his son became an angel. Which he wouldn’t cause why would he? His son became an angel! Can you imagine the wealth and fame he would get, he would open a fucking mega church!

Look I get it. You like the like X-men in the “they are poc/lgtbq metaphor” and can’t see them outside that. But cmon not all parts of the lore age well

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