Warren stops "lock him up" chant

Disgusting that you don’t believe the plethora of victims that have accused Bill of sexual assault. And also you’re literally trying to defend someone’s incredibly huge connections (dozens and dozens of flights and some visits) with JEFF EPSTEIN. Bro someone like that doesn’t just out of the good of his heart give someone dozens of flights on HIS OWN PRIVATE JET for charity. You’re literally defending Epstein as a guy who just gives to charity because that’s who he is. No I’m not gonna apologize because it’s confirmed by a representative of Clinton he’s visited Epstein on his own property at least once with other sources (who aren’t the one being accused) allege it happened more. I’m done with you, keep believing Epstein was just giving to charity out of the goodness of his heart for someone who also has a ton of sexual assault allegations.

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