Do you think Warriors' 2015 Championship is one of the greatest feats in NBA over the past 20 years?

I think the weight of success that championship had, has been diluted. The warriors seemingly came out of nowhere. This is pre-skyfucker curry, the beginning days of splash brothers and Kerr was insisting that Draymond was a top 10 player when no one and I mean NO one else believed it. Then they went off and slayed the king who was by himself because of injuries to kyrie and love.. but, from that moment, people were like WTF, who are these guys? Then of course 73 wins happens. Then 3-1, then Durant. The fucking SUPERteam they have created is so powerful people are comparing it to the dream team. What I'm saying is this. When people thing if the warriors of 2015, people this of the current superteam simply winning a championship. So it wont go down as the greatest. But at the time, in the moment, the warriors, believe it or not, were a whole hell of a lot of fun to watch and where the came from, nowhere, made their championship at the time fucking great!

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