Warriors lose to Grizzlies, Grizzlies advance 8th seed. 117-112

It seems that refs tried to balance the game in Warriors favor, besides that the game was close at the end due to Memphis´ misses (I think they had 11 consecutive missed FG´s between the 3rd and 4ht). Congrats on Memphis for winning

1st Quarter:

- Valančiūnas´ "offesinve" foul on Green at the start to put him in foul trouble early.

- Egregious Curry´s out of bounds miscall, which originally a good call which was reverted.

- 1:56 Curry phantom foul on 3 pointer for a 4 point play.

2nd quarter

- 7:40 Valencinius no call foul in the post that led to a travel.

- 4:50 Warriors Curry miscall for an onfensive foul

3rd quarter

- Curry fouls brooks lay up off a out of bounds pass. Not called.

- 2:24 Draymond soft foul in the post. Challenged unsuccessfully.

4th quarter

- 1:43 Poole kicks the defender from a three pointer and gets the foul.

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