WASHINGTON DC: Is it MORE dangerous for a woman to cross dress as a male (fake beard, hat, androgynous clothes) to avoid sexual harassment?

Jeeze, what shitty parts of DC are you wondering around in? Anacostia, SE, some parts of SW, and down near the capital building in some areas are just complete trash and people who don't belong there should not go there to avoid being jumped/robbed/held at knife point/harassed.

I used to have a job where I had to venture to some of these areas, plus lower Georgia Ave, etc, and as a woman, even in the day light, dressed in professional modest clothes, I had men follow me, try to grab my brief case, try to grab my arm, try to cat call me, verbally harass me, and theyade sure to make me feel uncomfortable with their stare that was raping me. If was awful, so I understand what you are saying. Any way you can get a better job/same Jo somewhere in NW? Any way you can walk to work/take the bus with a colleague on the same shift? Do you have a car so you can drive right to the job site so you don't have to walk around?

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