Why wasn’t there as big of a backlash, politically and socially, when the US invaded Iraq as there is with Russia invading Ukraine?

Kuwait was drilling into Iraqi oil fields, Iraq asked them to stop...they didnt. Iraq complained internationally, no one listened. Iraq had ulterior motives for invading Kuwait but Kuwait made justifying the invasion very easy. Then Iraq contacts the U.S. telling them of their intentions to invade and is given the go ahead.

In the aftermath Kuwait facilitated by the U.S. lies about soldiers killing babies in incubators, drums up U.S. public support for a war with Iraq.

That was the first gulf war.

The second gulf war, was over Saddam killing 'his own people'...the anfal campaign, people who clearly not his own people. Rape rooms, and torture. More lies about yellow cake uranium. Weapons of mass destruction that we sold iraq to fight iran, that we had evidence that they already destroyed....and on and on.

You know only to kill far more of his own people than Saddam could have ever dreamed of, dropping white phosphorus, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, and other weapons full of heavy metals and toxic substances, burn pits unleashing toxic fumes....specifically targeting civilian infrastructure. Markets, mosques, schools, hospitals, Residential neighborhoods, apartment buildings, food and medical storage, power plants, water treatment facilities, ambulance companies and fire departments, and even the media. and wait, the U.S. funded shia militant death squads who routinely raped, tortured, and murdered civilians.

but you were trying to talk about Russia and Ukraine. Where the U.S. continuously encroached on Russian borders expanding military equipment and troops through Nato and annually conducted military exercises designed to increase tensions and spark conflict. The U.S. inbedded itself in Ukrainian domestic politics, there is the leaked Nuland phone call and numerous public references to this. From the revolution to the euromaidan protests and the coup of its president. Through this time period you see the removal of Gaddafi, and the beginning of the collapse of Libyas oil and gas industry which supplied europe.

Russia is trying to open three way negotiations with the E.U. and ukraine and are getting shut out, while the U.S. continues to escalate towards a larger conflict. The U.S., the IMF, the world bank, the E.U. no one is providing money or cheap gas to Ukraine to allow them to get out from under Russia. Libya which used to provide gas would have provided cheaper gas to europe through Italy, has its oil and gas industry completely destroyed as a result of the U.S. actions. Libya was in the process of expanding its oil and gas industry and pipelines to europe, before the U.S. interfered with that.

Diplomacy has broken down, Biden has been elected where he made a series of questionable public statements about putin. That he has no soul, and is taking a very hard and hawkish line against russia. The plans for new military exercises continue and even Ukraine asks the U.S. to tone down the rhetoric, this is repeated before the invasion and through the early stages of the invasion. The first day of Nato exercises in the eastern most region of the mediterranean with the U.S. leading it, heads off the Russian invasion.

Bidens and U.S. policy of constant escalation, is what lead to the invasion of Ukraine. Not that the first and second gulf wars are similar to Russias invasion of Ukraine. Just that the U.S. likes conflict.

If you wanted to really look at who is threatening energy markets its the countries putting embargoes and sanctions on Russia. It is also the oil and gas industry themselves for shutting down oil refineries, lowering capacity, and refusing to produce more oil.

All that said Russia shouldnt be invading Ukraine, but if U.S. policy focused on deescalation instead of constant escalation there probably would be no invasion. ...invasions.

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