Watching the cashier at a Chinese restaurant turn around and yell something that you don't understand at the kitchen is an essential part of the Chinese food dining experience.

I doubt you ever worked in the food business so fuck right off. Been dealing with entitled customers since I was a kid, and while I’ve seen ALOT of great people who treated me and coworkers like human beings, I’ve seen 10 times as many piece of shit people like you, come in thinking yall deserve us kissing yalls ass because you decide if you going to tip us 5% or 10% on a 300 dollar bill. Or you going to whine and cry to the manager and write a shitty review because “I didn’t get anything FREEEE THIS TIMEEEEE.” Fuck off. I gave 120% to customers like you even when every other servers refused to serve them and I’d still get stiffed. Waste of a servers time.

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