Water bill cost has doubled in last cycle?

If you've used 41kl and the cost has increased from $35 to $88, then as a couple of people have mentioned you've moved into the second tariff for the billing year. Prices are set for 12 months, and the reset date is dependent on when the property you're residing in was initially fitted with a meter. Unfortunately it doesn't reset with a change in occupancy, all costs are raised against the property itself. It won't be the owner's service charges (rates) allocated to you as Buddhamama50 is wondering, as it would be considerably more than $88 and the agent will know to not pass these on to you.

I can suggest contacting via the Live Chat at watercorporation.com.au because its the easiest method and mentioning from the outset that you're a tenant and asking about the cost and tarriff increase. They won't be able to give you specific financial information, but they will be able to confirm your usage and let you know what read you're on - 1 through 6 - and when your billing will reset.

Source: me as this is what I do, I'm just off on sick leave!

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