Water Cooler Wednesday

Let me tell you a couple a 3 things (I apologize for the length):

1) Got the most aggravating news today regarding my intestines today, and it's basically a vague statement that I have to wait until September 9th to get looked at.

I've had my hopes set high that I would get an official diagnosis since they all but guaranteed what I got.

That means, unless I magically heal up between now and then, I'm on my own, yet again.

It really sucks, but I'm tired of letting shit get me down. Maybe it's something much easier to fix, who knows?

I don't get it tho, cause I have a decent diet, I drink water nonstop and I walk around a whole bunch.

2) I had quit taking my dog on leashless walks after he chased a squirrel into the woods and I had to sit there thinking about how many people on here were saying "Dumbass, get your dog on a leash".

Well, we have our non leash time in the vacant lot next door that is fenced off & has a fence & woods surrounding it. He loves it, and there's no worry about him doing dumb dog shit.

Well, around 2-3, we started to go next door, but I decided it'd be a good idea to walk around the block first so that he had a little change of scenery, and since we would be the only ones up.

Everything went well until we were about to make our final turn to head to the vacant lot next to my house, when he took off chasing something. As we're walking, I smell a skunk, but the smell quickly vanishes.

I sit on the grass while he runs around, drinks from the creek & does doggy business.

When we get in the house, it finally hit me that he got sprayed by a skunk. Thankfully it wasn't very much, cause baking soda took care of it, but man that fucking sucked cause clearing the smell out of the house, just from him being in it took some effort.

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