The way short men are treated makes me hate humanity

I'm a very short woman, around 5 feet tall but specifically 155cm. I've never cared about men's height because I'm usually shorter no matter what. I think as early as 11-12 I started to notice peers really cared about height when it comes to short men or tall women.

There is the fake idea that tall guys have bigger penises or that the height gap is "cute" and implies the man is better capable of protecting you or intimidating others? I didn't understand this when girls talked about it, but I'd get mocked as a "midget who wouldn't care anyway."

Honestly, I don't get it, but it benefits me because men are thankful I don't care, and I can get more quality men that are passed over because of their height alone. I really hate when guys include they're 6 foot or higher on their profiles, it makes me think that a lot of their personality revolves around their height. Sex is also more difficult with guys 6 feet and taller in some ways, I prefer men that are 5'4"- to 5'10" .

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