Wayne Goss demonstrates Rae Morris's Eye Phi technique - thoughts? (absolutely didn't work for me, then I checked the description - my eye shape is one he doesn't recommend it for)

For reference: I have round eyes that are medium sized and my eyes are neither close or far set. I have a slight hood as Wayne Goss does (I don't think this is really a hood - I see this little pad of skin on many older people and I think it is an aging thing but I don't know what else to call it).

I am not sure this is good for everyone but this eyeshadow placement works really well for me and is my preferred eyeshadow placement. I wish I knew about this video or the book because it would have made it easier for me. Instead, I found this eyeshadow placement through a lot trial and error. I like it because it elongates my eyes and I also like his comment about dark liner because I find that this works far better for me and I incorporate the Lisa Eldrige "flick" of liner just at the outer corner of the eye.

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