WCGW bullying a dog when his owner is around

Kangaroos can kill people. Easily.

They're like chimpanzees. You look at them and think oh it's a cute monkey and then learn they're capable of actually ripping your head off your body.

A person mentions the kangaroo kick to the stomach could kill him. If the kangaroo actually gave him s full on kick to the stomach it pretty much is a guarantee it would kill him.

It's like getting kicked by a horse dead center in the stomach. You'd basically need a bullet proof vest or you're getting ruptured organs.

In all seriousness the guy is kind of lucky he's not dead. This is more a situation that is like when a person frightens a bear by screaming. The kangaroo didnt want to die and didnt know what it was looking at. But that thing could kill a person. Google kangaroo kick.

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