WCGW if i leash my dog to a scooter with my child riding on it

When I was a kid my mom would go for walks with our dog on the nearby college campus. I would sometimes accompany them. The big fluffy oaf loved to walk on the raised barriers and sniff the grass. So there we were walking along, and ahead of us was a college kid carrying a CRT monitor which he sets on the side barrier to take a break. The dog, blissfully unaware, bumps into the monitor and, surprised, flips the fuck out on the guy.

Somehow the leash got wrapped around the monitor which my mom prevented from falling to the pavement and the kid had retreated to a safe distance. My mom unwrapped the leash, and handed it to me. The issue here is that I was learning Rollerblades.

Somehow knowing there was no resistance anymore, the giant fluff dog takes off in a rage after the guy who runs for his life. I'm along for the ride, getting towed like an out of control 1 man sled team. People are running to help from multiple directions. Thankfully this was before cell phone video cameras.

Eventually I get run into a fence post and I manage to hang onto the leash and the post without being drawn and quartered. The dog relaxes, my mom apologizes profusely and everybody goes their way unharmed, except for me, who recieved a lifelong shame to think about at night.

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