WCGW storing loads of illegal fireworks at your house? Ontario, California 3-16-21

Man could you imagine if massive companies actually paid individuals to shill in all comment sections... What a nightmare.

And I know it kinda happens to a certain small percent, but I’m talking like the full shebang. Like someone posts a video of this crazy scene that plays out and ultimately ends with a busted up car door or something and you have this comment:

Wow Spacecowgoesmoo, that was an incredibly bizarre and unfortunate situation! I can’t believe that duck was fully embedded in the side of your vehicle! Nature sure is crazy! But please do not be discouraged Spacecowgoesmoo, because for this week, we at Caliber Collision are offering a reduced copay on all bodywork, and up to a completely waived copay for those who qualify!! I know that your local Caliber Collision will be more than willing to assist with your “ducked up situation, and with the faster turnaround in the business you will be back on the “ducking and weaving” everything nature throws your way!

^(requires purchase of (2) full body paint-jobs, exclusions may apply, limit one copay reduction or waive per household, go to our website at CCcom/collisioncopayreduction for more details)

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