WCGW when trying to rob someone who is loading his car with gasoline

No joke, I’ve previously worked for a carpet cleaning company for over 10 years. We’re talking about a guy spraying gasoline with a hose into his vehicle. If there’s enough gasoline that it’s soaked through into the upholstery foam at all, you’re never getting that smell out. Not even mentioning the gasoline will start breaking down the foam and weakening the carpet. Maybe you drive to a carpet cleaning company that has a decent truck mount cleaner but they may not want to run gas through their system or subject their employees to that for less than $200-$300 at very least, and even then you’re probably dealing with someone without any experience handling this situation. Anyone with experience would tell you they’d recommend replacement over taking you’re money and having your vehicle still smell like gas afterward. I’m not sure anyone here has ever spilled gas in a vehicle, we’re not talking about cleaning up a small spill either, it’s being sprayed with a hose.

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