[WDYWT] First try, I got inspired by the yellow hospital socks.

Dude, my life is good. I have the hospital socks because I'm recovering from knee surgery and I went through that great. I'm able to walk with a cane again. I've lost 50 lbs since starting physical therapy. I lost so much of my life when I tore my meniscus last December, that I sunk into a deep depression and gained 200 lbs. It's easy when you can't walk. It's even easier to resign yourself to looking like shit when you're in a wheelchair.

But I can't tell you how much better I feel since starting therapy and working on my mental health. It's like night and day. I stopped hiding, and only then did I accept that I could be happy within this body, no matter how far it was from who I see myself as. Without that, I probably wouldn't be walking.

Sorry to unload this on you, because you seem like an otherwise normal person based on your post history, but your simple observation was foolish. You are not helping anyone change their life by telling them that their body isn't acceptable to you (although I'm glad you told me and not someone weaker). I'm sorry that you think you know by looking at a fat body what its story is, and that the simple act of me dressing up makes you abandon your status as a normal, decent dude so that you can act like a bully. I hope that you realize that, but more importantly I hope that you accept yourself. Weight management is work, I know that better than most, and I really hope that you can still accept yourself if the time comes when you're not able to do that work. Best of luck.

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