Weapon Recoil Feedback V2

I couldn't disagree more. Firstly, hostage couldn't be further from a competitive game mode if the hostage ran outside themself. That may have been "super fun" for you, but the enemy team just lost a round because you through some candela's in and ran away with the hostage, which took no skill. So they lost the round while you did very little to earn the win. This is a game and so fundamentally should be fun, but as a competitive shooter the fun should come from the strategy and feeling like you worked for the win.

Also, this is a first person shooter so gun play should always play a factor. "Shooting comes second, objective comes first" is not releveant to the point I was making, nor the point you seem to be making for that matter. The fact that strategy and teamwork in this game will always win over just straight fragging ability is what makes it great, but when you introduce operators that take no strategy or teamwork, you're left with nothing. I don't consider throwing candelas into a room and winning as a rusult, strategy.

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