She Wears a Head Scarf. Is Quebec Derailing Her Career?

How are you questioning this? Lol. You answered your own question.

Here's what you said:

in Morocco it is forbidden to wear a head scarf in the military or in the police

I don't see anything about teachers here.

And if you read the entire Wikipedia page instead of cherry-picking, you would see this:

A judgment from the then–Supreme Court of Malaysia in 1994 cites that the niqab, or purdah, "has nothing to do with (a woman's) constitutional right to profess and practise her Muslim religion", because Islam does not make it obligatory to cover the face.

The hijab is not mandatory and it's a woman's choice to wear it. Why are we telling women what to wear and what not to wear? I thought we were living in 2019 and got over medieval archaic patriarchal rules.

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