Wednesday Unjerk Thread

Went out for a walk around town today since the weather was nice, and man, walking by the movie theater was so sad. They were back open for 2 days back in March before being forced to close again, and the posters outside were so faded they were basically a monochrome blue. I've been supporting them when I can by living off their nachos this summer but I'm blown away that they're still there.

In a weird way, sections of town were like a portait into a society (heh) that's already collapsed. There's buildings that are already crumbling and overgrown because there's no one to tend to them. The rest are barely open vestiges of what used to be a pretty lively commerce and entertainment hub.

There's a homeless guy that can't find storage for his stuff and trucks all these shopping carts around on his own and he was the only soul around for blocks.

It was a stark reminder that this pandemic has hit real people and created real bodycounts and it's not just another night on the couch with netflix and takeout. This was the first time it really hit me how surreal this feels. I guess I just spent the first year of it too busy grieving one of my best friends to really open my eyes and take stock of what just happened.

We sure do live in a society, man...

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